Please read through the following guidelines thoroughly before submitting.

ANTI/\OJOS is currently seeking submissions for its first issue.

DEADLINE: May 18, 2017, by 11:59 PM via email.

ANTI/\OJOS is an online literary and art journal of monads, nomads, and pendululations, dedicated to the promulgation of the intellectual cravings of The Kaki Planter.

The Kaki Planter’s current antojo is censorship, broadly defined.

THEME: Issue #1 of ANTI/\OJOS will showcase writers and artists composing on the topic of censorship. Interpretations of censorship may be literal (as in institutional censorship), personal, and/or anything else under the sun. See where the topic takes you.

Either way, it will be exciting.

If you are a writer/artist of any kind—established or emerging–and if you feel that your work would be best showcased in a publication such as ANTI/\OJOS, The Kaki Planter wants to see your work.


Submissions deadline:  May 18, 2017 by 11:59 PM via email:

Who can submit?

Anyone and everyone, established or unestablished, anywhere in the world, student or nonstudent, who feels that their creations would find an appropriate home under the awning of ANTI/\OJOS. Again, please refer to the About section to get a better idea of ANTI/\OJOS and its antojos.

What can be submitted?

Anything. Poetry, prose, nonfiction, creative nonfiction, plays, screenplays, medleys, pieces that mix or defy genres, artwork of any kind (photography, cartoons, paintings, sketches, 3D pieces, performed skits, tableaux, films, documentaries, etc.). ANTI/\OJOS is flexible and is also willing to gain more flexibility; help ANTI/\OJOS stretch.

Note Regarding Original Pieces in Non-English Languages:

ANTI/\OJOS is a journal that crosses borders. Its languages will therefore cross borders as well. While ANTI/\OJOS as a whole will express itself in English, it actively seeks non-English pieces. However, to allow readers to cross borders, it is preferred that non-English original pieces be accompanied by English translations, when possible. If the original piece is written in Spanish or Albanian, it may be submitted as is, but keep in mind that The Kaki Planter will then assess the work in the original language of submission and–if chosen and if proper permissions are obtained–will generate an English translation herself.  When possible, provide an English translation as an accompaniment. Otherwise, if the works are in Albanian or Spanish, The Kaki Planter will attempt to review your non-English works to the best of her abilities.

A Note About Translations:

In the event that translations are submitted, the translator should already have a feasible plan of contact with the author or publisher of the original works (e.g. an email address, email correspondence, etc.). This aids in determining the feasibility of obtaining permissions to publish the translation. Of course, submitting English translations of one’s own non-English original works is also acceptable. ANTI/\OJOS simply asks that you indicate the name of the publisher in the body of your email, should your original non-English work be a previously published piece.

Previously published work:

ANTI/\OJOS is willing to consider showcasing work that has been previously published elsewhere. You must indicate where your work was published and also provide contact information for the publisher in the body of your email submission. Failure to include this information will be considered willfully misleading and will make your submission null and void.

Simultaneous submissions:

ANTI/\OJOS will read simultaneous submissions. However, you must send an email ASAP to should any piece / work submitted for review be selected for publication elsewhere.

Regarding Word Limit and Quantity of Submissions:

As of now, ANTI/\OJOS offers no word limit. There is also no limit on how much (e.g. how many poems, etc.) you can submit. However, use common sense and sound judgment. Read through your own work, be the judge of your own art, and send us the pieces that you most believe in. Sending 500 of your poems simply means that the 5 or 6 gems in that batch might get lost among the others. However sending a more reasonable number of carefully curated and thought-through pieces will eliminate the possibility of getting “lost” in the sea of one’s own submissions.

Prior to submitting:

Review your work and please self-edit accordingly ahead of time. Please send what you deem a final copy.


Deadline: May 18, 2017 by 11:59 PM via email. 

Submissions are accepted as attachments via email in the following fashion:


Subject Line:

Submission –YOUR FULL NAME– genre of work submitted (if mixed genre, indicate as such).

Body of the email:

(Must include the following information for consideration):

  1. Full name (first name, last name)
  2. Preferred name for potential publication, if applicable (e.g. “John Doe” as opposed to your full name of “Jonathan Doe”)
  3. Contact information:
    1. an email address that you check regularly
    2. a phone number
  4. Genre of submission: A description of your submission. This can be as simple as “My submission includes several poems.” However, if submitting original works in non-English languages, translations (of your own work or that of others), or previously published works, please indicate as such with as much detail as possible. For instance:
    1. Previously published work: Where was it published? Name of publisher, year of publication, and contact information for publisher.
    2. Translations of someone else’s work: Author of the original work, contact information for the original author, name of the publisher, year of publication, and contact information for the publisher. (As much of this information as possible).
    3. Original works in non-English languages: In what language are you submitting your work? Are you submitting an English translation along with it? Are you the translator of your work (if not, who?)? Original works in Spanish and Albanian are the only languages permitted without an accompanying translation. All other original, non-English works must be submitted with an accompanying translation for consideration.
  5. A brief bio (5 – 8 sentences) that would be published online along with your submission, should your submission be chosen. This would be a good place to include links to websites or personal blogs showcasing your work.
  6. Attach your submissions. For standard text submissions, Word Documents or PDFs are preferred. For art submissions, use your best judgment (so long as it’s somehow able to be submitted via email).
    1. If submitting multiple works in one genre, submit them in a single file. For example: if submitting several poems, include all poems in one Word document and attach the single document to the email.
    2. If submitting multiple works in multiple genres, use a different file for each genre grouping.
  7. Send your email. You should receive a confirmation that your email was received within 2 weeks of submission.

Response time:

Ideally, all writers and artists will receive word regarding the status of their submissions (accepted or not) a month after the submissions deadline. If there are any delays, updated information will be posted on this page and via social media accounts linked to ANTI/\OJOS. Please check often and regularly.

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